test_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_2.xul (and others) don't close their database

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This is similar to bug 739656, but in this case the database is created implicitly, so it is harder to know how to close it.
Summary: est_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_2.xul (and others) don't close their database → test_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_2.xul (and others) don't close their database
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close connection earlier

Assignee: nobody → respindola
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hack patch to reproduce the windows failures

This is just a hack patch I used it to reproduce the windows failure.
It is a useful debugging hack to replace a T* with at nsCOMPtr<T> just to check the refcount.
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close connection earlier

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close connection
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7 years ago
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close connection

You may also want to clear mQueryProcessor at the end of nsXULTemplateBuilder::ContentRemoved as it calls Uninit(false)

Just to be safe, can you also add a null check (returning 0) to nsXULTreeBuilder::CompareResults before mQueryProcessor is accessed as that can indirectly be called by script.
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close connection

Would you mind checking if I got the code review right?
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7 years ago
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Looks like try found a problem. Trying the hack xpcom hack as before.

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7 years ago
The crash stack suggests that the query processor is being accessed by the call to UninitFalse from nsXULTemplateBuilder::ContentRemoved after the query processor has been set to null. The issue is that the script runner delays calling UninitFalse because it isn't safe to run script.

It may be possible to just add a variation of UninitFalse which clears mQueryProcessor afterwards or just remove that change again.
What is happening is that nsINode::doRemoveChildAt looks like

  if (aNotify) {
    nsNodeUtils::ContentRemoved(this, aKid, aIndex, previousSibling);


On the ContentRemoved call we get to nsXULTemplateBuilder::ContentRemoved which in the new patch sets mQueryProcessor to null.

On the call to UnbindFromTree we get to nsXULTemplateBuilder::Uninit which calls

mMatchMap.Enumerate(DestroyMatchList, &mPool);

which will end up deleting a nsRDFQuery whose destructor will access the deleted nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorRDF.

The two simple fixes I see are
* Don't set mQueryProcessor to null in nsXULTemplateBuilder::ContentRemoved (i.e., go with the old patch).
* Run mMatchMap.Enumerate(DestroyMatchList, &mPool) in nsXULTemplateBuilder::ContentRemoved. (can we do that?)
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hack patch to reproduce the windows failures with the new patch
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I did a try push to


and it looks green. I will remove the debug bits and send for review.

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7 years ago
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close connection

Seems ok, although I wonder why the script runner was necessary.
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Duplicate of this bug: 739656
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