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Remove USE_GLES2


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Was facing again problem with undefined USE_GLES2 on custom platform build

and I think we can now define USE_GLES2 right in mozilla-defines.h i default provider is EGL instead of defining multiple platforms which kindof should have it enabled
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Define use_gles2 for EGL providers globally

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I'm tempted to say this should probably be more generic (that is, having a define for the default backend, for all values of the default backend)

I'm wondering, though, if it's expected that USE_GLES2 is undefined on windows, or does USE_GLES2 implies EGL is the default (which it is not on windows).
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What's the point of USE_GLES2? MXR finds only 9 uses of it, and it seems to be for all the wrong reasons:
here, USE_GLES2 is used to initialize GLContext::mIsGLES2. That's bogus. A given platform could have both ES and non-ES providers. The right way to know if a context is ES is: has it been created by EGL?
this should use mIsGLES2
this should either use mIsGLES2 or, if one really doesn't want to compile some code in the other path, move code to a virtual function that's overridden in the EGL provider to provide the ES variant.

Let's kill USE_GLES2.
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To be clear, there was a real bug here: on Windows, USE_GLES2 was not defined but ANGLE provides GLES2, so we'd have run into trouble if we had tried to use ANGLE for layers like Chromium does, or if USE_GLES2 usage had crept into the parts of GLContext that WebGL uses.
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Here's my counter-offer :-)
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kill USE_GLES2

Yeah, I like this idea more too., tested quickly and it works also good
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Summary: Define USE_GLES2 in global defines → Remove USE_GLES2
Assignee: romaxa → bjacob
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Closed: 10 years ago
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