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Don't access a null sql stmt


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Attached patch don't crash (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I have noticed this crash on try:

What I think is happening is

* regress-617935.js makes us allocate a lot of memory
* another thread is calling sqlite3_prepare_v2 which indirectly calls sqlite3VdbeSetSql.
* sqlite3VdbeSetSql tries to init zSql by calling sqlite3DbStrNDup
* sqlite3DbStrNDup calls sqlite3DbMallocRaw which returns null
* the machine is still under load because of regress-617935.js, so we try to report a slow sql statement
* sqlite3_sql returns zSql which is null
* We create a nsDependentCString and then a nsACString with the null pointer. This crashes trying to compute its length.

I am amazed that the sqlite api is eating this error. Should we change it? This patch instead just avoids the crash :-(
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don't crash

There isn't much we can do in general if we're out of memory, Firefox likely can't keep running. I'm ok with this patch just avoiding the segfault here.
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OK, I will check this in. I reported the issue to sqlite in

and if they fix it we can revert this.
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Reopening since the problem was with us passing around a null stmt. The root problem was fixed in 743650.

A dummy try with an assert instead of an error code is at

I will attach the real patch in a sec.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
This patch does 3 things:

*) Revert the previous "fix", it should never see a NULL
*) Add an assert about it, so that we don't need to get lucky with a timeout again to find this.
*) Fix our usage of sqlite3_prepare_v2 to not assume that an OK result means it produced an statement.
Assignee: nobody → respindola
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fix usage of sqlite3_prepare_v2

Looks good to me but I don't know if I am the right reviewer since I'm not module owner/peer for storage :P
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fix usage of sqlite3_prepare_v2

changing r? to sdwilsh.
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fix usage of sqlite3_prepare_v2

Lets try Andrew Sutherland
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(Merged by Ed Morley)
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