Stop running during buildbot test cycles and allow it to always be run by verify instead



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7 years ago
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We should identify if we want to stop running entirely from within buildbot, and instead let it run entirely before we ever get into buildbot.

Currently (as of Bug 690311) we run it 3 times:

* In clientproxy, during the verify process -- Before buildbot starts.
* In buildbot, after we verify the SUT version but before any testing actually happens.
* In buildbot with talos tests, AFTER the tests have run.

There is a lot of redundancy there, do we want/need [any of] it?
bear, any ideas?
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7 years ago
this is part of the small "cloud" of bugs and work that Callek is doing for Tegras - going to whiteboard it so we can track it.

to answer the question...

yea, having this all part of the verify work that updateSUT does (or it's ilk) is preferred.  there is a small part of work that will always need doing as part of the pre-test setup, i.e. setting resolution
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6 years ago
Well, right now we are running it from inside verify, but we still do run it in all 3 places listed here. Until/unless we can get buildbot reliably stopped after every job, this bug doesn't make any more sense.

The mobile/tegra landscape is being heavily terraformed right now too, so until that happens I say this bug has no value, I'm reso/FIXED based on the fact that we already moved cleanup to and no longer directly run in buildbot
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