Open Bug 742595 Opened 11 years ago Updated 6 months ago

Show a specific set of App Tabs on work, home, etc. when user selects it.


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, enhancement)






(Reporter: rmsotiong, Unassigned)


Give a user a way to group app tabs for use at "work", "home", "games", "social" and only load the specific app tabs to firefox only when the user selects an app tab group so a to not consume a lot of memory.

So if I'm at work, I can select the app tab group "work" and all the company's intranet sites and company email will show. If I'm at home, I'll select the app tab group "home", and it will open gmail, facebook, etc.

Currently I'm at home and I just noticed that since I tagged my work email as an app tab, it shows at home, which then I will close it but when I get back at work, I need the work email constantly, I'll tag it again as an app tab
Severity: normal → S3
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