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GCLI needs a new home

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 15



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5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: jwalker, Assigned: jwalker)


Firefox 15
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Currently GCLI lives in various files in 'webconsole', but this is an articfact of history because it is now used entirely by the developer toolbar in 'shared', and not by anything in 'webconsole'.

I propose a new devtools/gcli directory.

At the same time we should:
- Use devtools/gcli/generated for files from the GCLI project
  I think this directory would contain 3 files (probably) for GCLI modules
  The point of the separation is to make it clearer which files have an
  external source
- Split console.js out so it doesn't have to be duplicated
- Split the module loader out so it doesn't have to be duplicated
  (both of these probably should live in 'shared')
- Split gcli.jsm into:
  - devtools/gcli/gcli.jsm ('public' interface for devtools)
  - devtools/gcli/generated/common-modules.jsm (imported modules, see above)
- Move command-loading from DeveloperToolbar to gcli.jsm
- Work to get as many firefox resources out of gcli and into central
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Rob - there's a ton of stuff here, I'm happy to talk it through with you - I think that would probably save lots of time.
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Some additional context for this move:
- I'd like to take any breaking changes for the GCLI API now rather than later
  If moving things around could break commands then we want to do this now.
- The NetPanel import depends on the files we split out here.

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5 years ago
Can we call the directory 'commandline' so that people have a chance of finding it without knowing our esoteric name for the command line?
(In reply to Dave Camp (:dcamp) from comment #3)
> Can we call the directory 'commandline' so that people have a chance of
> finding it without knowing our esoteric name for the command line?

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Fixes known issues
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per discussion in IRC.
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Fixes Rob's comments from IRC:
- License header was incorrectly standard Firefox header, changed back to reflect
  gcli license.
- Gcli.jsm vs GCLI.jsm: I left it as it originally was gcli.jsm
  I think the lowercase.jsm for imported modules we discussed originally makes
  lots of sense. Lets stick with that.

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