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[QA blocker]: Japanese page/mail displays as blank squares


(Core :: Internationalization, defect, P1, blocker)

Windows NT





(Reporter: momoi, Assigned: erik)




** Observed with 6/1/99 Win32 build **
** This is observed only under Japanese Windows NT4 so far **
** These are not problems under US Windows NT **

I first noticed this problem with the Smoke tests for Intl Mail. There both
Japanese and UTF-8 messages showed as only as blank squares in thread pane,
message header and body. The UTF-8 message we use contains Japanese

When I checked Japanese web pages, I found that thereif the charset
selection and the web doc charset match, only square blanks were
displayed. For example, trying visiting the above page with the
encoding set to Shift_JIS -- you'll see squares.

Additional notes:

1. Korean page seems to be fine.
2. UTF-8 page seems to display OK.

For Mail messages:

1. Japanese message headers and body display squares
2. UTF-8 JPN header and body display as squares.
be aware that rickg switch to nsString2 one day before. Which may cause this
Assignee: erik → nhotta
The mail problem sounds like a mail problem. Reassigning to Naoki.

The charset selection vs Web doc charset matching issue sounds like a META
charset issue. Please reassign to ftang after fixing the mail bug.
Assignee: nhotta → erik
Target Milestone: M7
Sorry, I misunderstood Kat's comment. I thought he meant that if the selected
charset and doc charset did *not* match, then the characters showed up
correctly. Naoki just told me that this is not the case. So we probably have a
font problem on Japanese Windows. Reassigning back to myself.
The problem of display exists also for Mail composer for
Japanese input. There is also Bug 7553 which refers to the
Editor display problem for Japanese input.
Severity: normal → blocker
Priority: P3 → P1
Summary: Japanese page/mail displays as blank squares → [QA blocker]: Japanese page/mail displays as blank squares
Sorting, Date/Format, JPN Mail composition -- these are all part of I18n M6/M7 objectives.
If this regression persists, there is no way to progress on these testing. I'm marking this bug as
a QA blocker.
I see the problem in my Winnt 4.0J.  However, when I tested this in the different Winnt 4.0J machine,
this does not happen.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
So far we have identified 2 machines where this problem occurs. Teruko's NT4-J and my NT4-J.
These are own main NT4-J test machines.

We have looked at other NT4-J machines (4 in all) but they did not exhibit this problem.

So far we have not been able to isolate a factor(s) which cause this problem. Both of
machines use Bitstream Cyberbit 1.1/2.0 but so do some of the machines we looked at.
Our service pack levels are 4 (teruko) and 3 (momoi), etc.
Blocks: 7228
*** Bug 7553 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
** Checked with 6/4/99 Win32 - 2nd build **

All areas where I reported this problem using my NT4-Japanese
machines are now trouble-free. I can see Japanese in UTF-8/JPN mail
msgs, Japanese mail composing as well as Japanese editing, and
Japanese web browsing.

This problem now seems fixed.
teruko, if you can see Japanese on your machine, please
mark this verified.
I tested in 6-7-08 M7 build.  I could not see the Japanese as square anymore in Browser and Editor under my Winnt 4.0.
I marked this as verified.
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