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Move Utils.encodeBase64url to common Utils


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The encodeBase64url function currently provided by sync/utils.js is useful to code outside of sync and should be moved to the common Utils module.
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All existing occurrences of Utils.encodeBase64url have also been changed to use the common version.
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Move encodeBase64url to CommonUtils - v1

It's good enough as-is. If you want to fix a nit, rename to encodeBase64URL (capitalize URL).
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Fixes nit (url -> URL). Attaching the patch so I can push to try.
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Anant: if you are going to run try builds, please be sure to run the xpcshell tests. You are highly unlikely to break the build by merely modifying JS files.
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Move encodeBase64url to CommonUtils - v1.1

Review of attachment 615067 [details] [diff] [review]:

OK to land. I would prefer the nit be addressed before landing. No need to request another review for just the nit fix.

::: services/common/utils.js
@@ +58,5 @@
>    /**
> +   * Encode byte string as base64URL (RFC 4648).
> +   */
> +  encodeBase64url: function encodeBase64URL(bytes) {
> +    return btoa(bytes).replace('+', '-', 'g').replace('/', '_', 'g');

Nit: use double quotes.

I know it was like this in the source file. For small things like this, we try to adjust coding styles when you move to the new location. You are breaking blame, so you might as well make yourself look good in the process!
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Rebase patch to s-c.
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Attachment #615067 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Move encodeBase64url to CommonUtils - v1.2

Already reviewed.
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[qa-] but I will be smoketesting Sync on s-c to be certain nothing is broken.
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