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Marionette does not support iframes within iframes correctly


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In the content process, if we switch into a frame that is within another frame, then switch back to the main window, and finally switch back into another frame, we lose the 'win' object in the listener:
MarionetteException: win is undefined
	EM_find((void 0),[object Object],(function (id) {sendResponse({value: id});}),false)@chrome://marionette/content/marionette-elements.js:249
	findElementContent([object Object])@chrome://marionette/content/marionette-listener.js:449

I got this error in B2G by switching into a browser iframe, then switching into the 'content' iframe of the browser. Then I did switch_to_frame() to get back to the top frame, then I switched into the browser frame again.
oh, to get the error, once I switched into the browser, I had to call a function that uses the 'win' object, like find_element.
This patch includes a fix for the bug stated above, chrome support for iframe switching (this was unsupported before), and tests for chrome and content.
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Had to update the patch!

I took out some obsolete code, and fixed an intermittent navigation failure by adding a small wait period before checking that the page has successfully loaded.
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patch for iframe fix, chrome support, and related tests v0.2

looks good!
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So I tested this on the b2g emulator and the browser, and it works & there are no regressions!
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pass reference to parent window when switching OOP frames. patch v1.0

wrong bug.
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