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Meta Bug for implementing user story 4 for K9O - Sophia is an early B2G user


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Sofia just purchased a B2G mobile phone from her local carrier store. The store helps her set up her phone which includes setting up a Persona account and importing contacts from her old phone. Her new phone has all of the basic apps she considers requirements for a smartphone as well as a Marketplace app where she can find many more. She's pleasantly surprised that her previously purchased apps from the Mozilla Marketplace are available on her new phone.

Sofia has been using her phone for 3 months and experiences problems like:

    Her contacts disappeared.
    Her phone crashes a lot.
    Sofia needs help but doesn't know who to contact. 

Sofia visits the Mozilla Help Center which provides her with step by step instructions for resolving all of her problems.
Blocks: k9o
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: k9o-id-services
Depends on: 746392
Depends on: k9o-webrt
Depends on: k9o-perf
Depends on: 746393
Summary: Meta Bug for implementing user story 4 for K9O → Meta Bug for implementing user story 4 for K9O - Sophia is an early B2G user
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Actually is this the story, and problem to be solved?

Sofia tem vindo a utilizar seu telefone por 3 meses e os problemas experiências como:

     Seus contatos desapareceu.
     O telefone dela cai muito.
     Sofia precisa de ajuda, mas não sabe quem deve contactar.

Sofia visita a Central de Ajuda do Mozilla, que lhe proporciona instruções passo a passo para resolver todos os seus problemas.

A couple of things are not clear to me.

Is the "Mozilla Help Center" a name for:

 * in-product help ?
 * support via cloud based help that are linked directly from the device?
 * a different name for the full range of services we currently provide on SUMO?
 * an actual physical location like an apple store, or mobile device provider where a device seller will provide instruction and assistance to Sofia?

Getting to the answer helps to understand exactly what form the help content needs to take, when the content needs to be developed and possibily "frozen."

Is our plan to develop the content needed here in english as the base language and then get it translated into initial target languages like pt-BR and es-AR, or will we try some short cuts for the initial delivery and gather feedback and directly respond in the initial target languages like pt-BR.

I'm assuming we will be doing research to discover issues beyond the three items listed as lost contacts, crashes, and navigation problems to find help and those are just examples of the types of problems that might show up and not the literal list.  

What will be the possible sources for the research? 

 * press articles and things that could be tracked by a tool like mozbuzz?

 * Something like "input"?    Is that feature planned for b2g?  

 * is this bug connected to our eventual need to get breakpad and crash-stats hooked up to b2g, and maybe some new analysis tools or techniques to translate crash report comments from the providers language to English so we can understand and cycle faster on crash data analysis?
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Mass closing as we are no longer working on b2g/firefox os.
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Mass closing as we are no longer working on b2g/firefox os.
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