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Convert places DBs that use 1KB and 4KB page sizes to use 32KB pages


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(Keywords: memory-footprint, perf)

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #699708 +++

We get 50% waste if you have Places DBs with 1KB or 4KB pages.  We only get 10% waste if you have 32KB pages, as recent profiles do.  And there are probably other benefits of the 32KB pages.

Marco, would it be possible to convert existing profiles to increase their page size?
No longer depends on: 699708
(In reply to Nicholas Nethercote [:njn] from comment #0)
> Marco, would it be possible to convert existing profiles to increase their
> page size?

Yes and no. We would really like to do that, but the only way is:
- disable WAL journaling
- fix page_size
- vacuum
- re-enable WAL journaling

Now this would be easy, if not that the first step involves not having any prepared statement, that basically can happen only if Firefox is closed or starting.
Bug 634374 tracks this problem, I was hoping we could use the maintenance service to do this job but looks like it's not intended to do this kind of changes.

We don't want to do this on startup, cause would mean some user would clicks on the icon and have to wait many seconds before seeing the app (quite awful experience). We could maybe add some special startup UI with a progress bar for this kind of maintenance? I'm sure UX would complain, but I don't see alternatives.
The only remaining alternative is during update, but some devs complained we should not make the update process take more time (would also conflict with silent updates).
Depends on: 634374
Blocks: PlacesJank
Priority: -- → P3
Keywords: perf
only 2,85% of the users in release are reporting a 4KB page size. Even less in Beta and Nightly.
Considered the complexity of the fix here, the fact it will only affect a small percentage of users, and the fact in recent years the Sqlite team worked on improving management of the 4KB page size, I don't think this is important anymore.
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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