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IonMonkey: Investigate memory usage


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IonMonkey is already hooked up to about:memory, its stats contribute to mjit code and data sizes. We just need to browse around (bug WebJsPerf is a good candidate) and see what our memory usage is like compared to a normal JM+TI browser.
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Can Ion's mjit code/data stats be measured separately from JM's?  I think it would be worth doing if it's not too hard.
(In reply to Nicholas Nethercote [:njn] from comment #1)
> Can Ion's mjit code/data stats be measured separately from JM's?  I think it
> would be worth doing if it's not too hard.

Yup that should be pretty easy.
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This patch improves the memory reporting for IonMonkey.

- I've split Ion code and data from Jaeger code and data.  I'm now using the
  following prefixes: "jaeger-", "ion-" and "regexp-".  I renamed a bunch of
  variable and class members accordingly.

- I'm measuring IonCodes separately from scripts.  There are so few IonCodes 
  that I couldn't get them to show up separately in about:memory;  they 
  always end up aggregated into the "sundries" entries.  This isn't a bad 
  thing :)

- I made the memory measurements follow the standard protocols:
  - Use |mallocSizeOf| instead of computing sizes (less error prone and
    includes slop bytes);
  - Rename size() as sizeOfIncludingThis().

- I removed the bufferSize() measurement, which double-counted Ion code (and
  also incorrectly attributed it to "mjit-data").

Preliminary browsing indicates that the amount of memory used by IonMonkey
is small, *much* less than JaegerMonkey.  It seems to disappear pretty
quickly, too.  Good news.
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Assignee: dvander → n.nethercote
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Separate and clean up JaegerMonkey's and IonMonkey's memory reporting.

Review of attachment 662764 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for doing this!
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dvander, I'll let you decide if you want to close the bug based on this patch, or if you want to do some additional investigation first.
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