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IE and Opera don't have this quirk, which means it should be possible to align quirks mode and standards mode font sizes. in Opera, Preferences->Webpages (change both normal font size and monospace font size; restart. in IE9 I didn't find anywhere to change the default font size, but it appears to make no difference between compat quirks vs compat standards or ie9 quirks vs ie9 standards.

WebKit has this quirk, but I'll file a bug on them to drop it too.
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This presumably pointed to:

A current link would be:

Is there actually interop on these sizes?  I think if we're going to change them we should change them in the direction of being more interoperable rather than just changing the quirks sizes to the strict sizes.  (What if the quirks sizes are closer to the interoperable numbers?)

There are also a number of open bugs suggestion changes to these sizes for other reasons.  It's worth considering those if interop allows it.  (bug 187256, maybe others)

I think the bulk of the work involved in fixing this bug is investigation of browser interoperability, what we should do to improve both interoperability and behavior.
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