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pop3 filters that move new message to imap folders mostly won't work


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(thunderbird12 fixed, thunderbird13 fixed, thunderbird14 fixed)

Thunderbird 15.0
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thunderbird12 --- fixed
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(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [fixed in 12.0.1])


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pop3 incoming mail filters that move messages to imap folders mostly won't work. This is a regression from the pluggable store work. Prior to pluggable stores, we used a single new mail parser for all the messages in a pop3 download session. The moves to imap folders were coalesced by a imap move coalescer owned by the parser. Now, we use one new mail parser per message, which means the imap move coalescing doesn't work, except if the filter happens to apply to the last message downloaded in a download session.
The relnote would be

pop3 filters that move/copy incoming messages to imap folders will not work, for the most part, except for the last message downloaded in get new mail operation. For this reason, it is probably best to disable such filters until this bug is fixed. Filters that are run manually should work.
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sadly, there's no way to do an automated test for this, so we'd have to fallback onto a litmus test.
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should this not block bug 402392, rather than be blocked by bug 402392?
Keywords: regression
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #3)
> should this not block bug 402392, rather than be blocked by bug 402392?

yeah, sorry, forgot to switch that.
Blocks: 402392
No longer depends on: 402392
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This should fix it...
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proposed fix

this makes pop3 to imap filters work for me, and xpcshell tests all still pass.
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proposed fix

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a=me for landing regression fix on branches.
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We relnoted this for 12.0 and its fixed in 12.0.1 & later so no need for relnote anymore.
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