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Strip trailing slashes from repository urls before passing them to (in


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(thunderbird13 fixed, thunderbird-esr1014+ fixed)

Thunderbird 14.0
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thunderbird13 --- fixed
thunderbird-esr10 14+ fixed


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In running the build automation, I've just picked up a minor issue.

Firefox is using, whereas for Thunderbird is coming out with

hg share detects this and says:

hg path isn't correct ( should be; clobbering

That's not so good as it means whenever a builder swaps between Thunderbird & Firefox it we'll clobber the hg share directory.

The easiest way to fix this seems to be to strip the trailing slash from the url before passing it to hgtool. Hence we'll match the rest of the automation.

I've pushed the attached patch to try server to verify the correct stripping before I push this:
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The fix

># HG changeset patch
># Parent c671975adf5f1d83b0c77cebb5ce42fc44f5ea14
># User Mark Banner <>
>diff --git a/ b/
>         if repository is not None:
>-            cmd.append(repository)
>+            cmd.append(repo)
>         check_call_noisy(cmd, retryMax=options.retries)

Nit: |if repo is not None:| instead
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Somehow the try server push did an empty patch, no idea how that happened. However, I verified locally with a simple python file:

import sys
for arg in sys.args:
  print arg

and passing that as an option to via --hgtool
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The fix

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We want this on aurora as well so that it also gets onto beta and avoids taking unnecessary resources swapping between repos.
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Unfortunately also needed to land a bustage fix, but this also simplifies the logic:
We also want this on esr for the next release, so that we're not unnecessarily forcing shares to be re-cloned (and hence wasting time during build and also during release cycles).
Duplicate of this bug: 760385
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 14.0 → Thunderbird 15.0
Callek: This landed before the last merge (a few changesets, you can see by following the child), and so the TM of TB 14 was correct.
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 15.0 → Thunderbird 14.0
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The fix

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This has been on trunk for a while now and we want it for ESR as well.
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(In reply to Mark Banner (:standard8) from comment #9)
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> The fix
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> This has been on trunk for a while now and we want it for ESR as well.

Did it land on ESR ?
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