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7 years ago
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7 years ago
While writing a blog post where I wanted a generic reference to a TCBS report, I tried calling up https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/topcrasher/byversion/Firefox and was positively surprised that it works, but negatively surprised that it did go to 12.0, which currently isn't featured (yet - will be soon).
This URL should go to a featured version, I don't care too much which one. As selecting "Top Crashers" from the dropdown on the front page goes to the top featured item in the version list, I guess that would be best for consistency.
Assignee: nobody → sneethling
Target Milestone: --- → 8
Target Milestone: 8 → 9
[:kairo] Spoke to Laura about this, and even though passing 'Featured' gives us what we need right now, it is a happy coincidence rather than an expected result. As such, please update this bug with what you would ideally want for both:

1) When top crashers is accessed from the front page without selecting a version
2) When accessing a URL such as https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/topcrasher/byversion/Firefox directly


Comment 2

7 years ago
For one thing, I'd expect the same to happen in both those cases listed in comment #1.

For the other, I'd expect us to always go to a featured version, preferably the the most stable one and in case of multiple at same level, the newest one.

So, ideally, we'd do a list of featured versions ordered by channel stability (ESR > Release > Beta > Aurora > Nightly) first and newest-version-first second, and take the first entry of that list. Now, I guess, that's almost verbalized SQL already. ;-)
Target Milestone: 9 → 10
Depends on: 753106
Whiteboard: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748425
Target Milestone: 10 → 11
So for version 11 I've added two new columns in product_info, product_sort and channel_sort, which allow choosing a default version.

However, to make life *even easier*, I've added the dynamic view default_versions.  It has one default version for each product.  So you can just pick from that.

All of this and more in Pull Request 608:  https://github.com/mozilla/socorro/pull/608
Target Milestone: 11 → 12
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Depends on: 772438
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Sent pull request: https://github.com/mozilla/socorro/pull/768


If a user navigates directly to top crashers or navigates to top crashers without selecting a version, the report and the version drop down should be for the default featured version.

P.S. I am unsure how one would determine the latest default featured version but, it seems to be the latest public stable release.
I am wondering, is this not already fixed in socorro-crashstats?
Target Milestone: 19 → 20
(In reply to Schalk Neethling [:espressive] from comment #11)
> I am wondering, is this not already fixed in socorro-crashstats?

Yes this is implemented in the view right now:


I plan to uplift this kind of thing into a more general function in bug 789334 since it's a common need for different reports.
This has been resolved in socorro-crashstats.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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Summary: /topcrasher/byversion/Firefox should go to a featured version → [socorro-crashstats] /topcrasher/byversion/Firefox should go to a featured version
Assignee: sneethling → nobody
Thanks espressive and kairo -- verified on crash-stats-new-dev.allizom.org. Verified per steps in comment 10.
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