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add a build option that forces MOZ_LINKER_EXTRACT to be enabled


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bug 727960 added/fixed a feature that lets you use MOZ_LINKER_CACHE to specify that the Android linker should load libraries from a specific location on disk. This is handy because you don't have to do the whole package/install dance, you can just push your modified libraries. Benoit noted that it's still a bit of a pain because you have to launch with a very specific commandline, you can't launch from the Android launcher.

We should add a build option to enable this behavior for developer builds, to make launching them easier. Maybe we could even roll in the "load omni.jar from a different location" stuff from bug 745979 while we're at it.
That would solve the pain points that have prevented MOZ_LINKER_CACHE from being useful. +1
This is a WIP patch. It *almost* works, in that all the machinery churns, but /data/local/tmp isn't actually writable by Fennec, so it doesn't do the right thing yet. Need to sort out a sane default there, or just use the default cache location (not sure if adb pushing there works, though, given default android permissions).
Summary: add a build option that forces MOZ_LINKER_CACHE to be enabled → add a build option that forces MOZ_LINKER_EXTRACT to be enabled
This does the trick. Took some fiddling, but works like a charm now.
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support MOZ_LINKER_EXTRACT=1 as a configure option to turn on linker extraction all the time

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LGTM, but I'd like a review from one of the mobile peers for the java part.
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