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iPlanet Fasttrack (Web) Server directory listing draws wrong, images appear to be invalid, assertions in imgRequest on reload


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Linux Commercial 2001-04-02-08

While surfing the directory listing of a http server internally (Fasttrack for
Windows NT 4.01), I found that the directory pages do not draw correctly.

If you hit reload a lot of times, it continues to redraw, but badly and in many
different strange and beautiful ways.

I've caputred the HTML, and will post the URL as soon as I get a bug number

I've also seen this Windows 2001-04-02-04-MTrunk and Mac 2001-04-02-09-Mtrunk.
cc: arun, this is an iPlanet product.

added URL of captured HTML (the server produces a static page).

Now that I think about it, my server has the same problem (similar version of

you can also test on:
I confirm: we get icons all over the place.  Reassigned to Networking:FTP 
(although I'm not sure if these guys are in charge of the display, or of the 
network layers only).
Assignee: karnaze → dougt
Component: Layout → Networking: FTP
QA Contact: petersen → tever
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9
This isn't an ftp URL, it's an HTTP page that just looks the same.
 - > darin

toss it back if you don't have time to look at it for 0.9.
this bug is sticky!  trying to reassign yet again.
Assignee: dougt → darin
ok, this does not look like a networking bug to me.  i've verified that
http://kerz/proxy/ is downloaded correctly.  this seems like a bug in layout.

-> layout
Assignee: darin → karnaze
Component: Networking: FTP → Layout
QA Contact: tever → petersen
Reassigning to attinasi and moving from m0.9 to m0.9.1
Assignee: karnaze → attinasi
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9 → mozilla0.9.1
I don't get any icon images in the posted URL. In fact, if I pull out the URL of 
an image, like, I get nothing in 
Nav4.x or Mozilla. But another image,, show up OK in Nav4 but not in 

Maybe an image decoding problem for the back.gif? QA, can you help with the 
investigation of the image problems?
Severity: major → normal
Priority: -- → P3
I'd like to help out in any way I can, maybe these comments will clarify:

http://kerz and are servers I use every day, and this
problem has only appeared in recent daily builds. (I use NS 6.0 and 6.0.1 on
some systems all the time, so I know this is a new problem).

Hitting shift reload multiple times gets you stranger and stranger results. If
you are really mean, you can do this for a long time and the build might crash.

I'm seeing the icons you mentioned appear fine in Mozilla 0.8, so I'm not sure
what I can do to help. I've assumed this is a layout problem, maybe its time to
hack the captured HTML down until the problem goes away?
OK, the GIF image text.gif is bad. When I try to load it in Mozilla I get this:

0[482d50]: WARNING: error - negative image size
, file s:\mozilla\modules\libpr0n\src\imgContainer.cpp, line 64
WARNING: error - negative image size
, file s:\mozilla\modules\libpr0n\src\imgContainer.cpp, line 64
Document loaded successfully

Also, looking at all of the images in I see 
that c.gif is the only one I can load successfully in Mozilla. I think that 
there is a problem in the GIF decoder, or that the images are just plain bad.

As for the layout problem, I'm not seeing anything too bad, just missing images. 
Curiously, the ALT text only shows up sometimes when I reload...

We need to solve the image problems first, so over to Pavlov. Pav, send it back 
to me if there are layout issues after we fix the decoding problems.
Assignee: attinasi → pavlov
Summary: iPlanet Fasttrack (Web) Server directory listing draws wrong → iPlanet Fasttrack (Web) Server directory listing draws wrong, images appear to be invalid, assertions in imgRequest on reload
over to saari.  probably a dup of one of his other bugs
Assignee: pavlov → saari
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Win32 2001-05-03-04-Mtrunk commercial
If it's a stray dupe, I'm the filer, so I'll clean it up.

I'll check the other platforms later.
Marking verified per last comments.
REOPENING -> I need to check the other platforms first...
Resolution: FIXED → ---
RESOLVED/FIXED -> get this back onto my plate.
Closed: 23 years ago23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Reassigning QC contact to benc. Ben, just verify this bug when you feel the
issue is resolved .
QA Contact: petersen → benc
VERIFIED on branch 2001060713 linux build. Leaving as resolved until the other
platforms are checked.
Mozilla 0.9.5, 
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