Fix for bug 235853 landed broken: unused variable in LookupProxyInfo.

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 15



5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: jduell, Assigned: mcmanus)


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Yay for WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS.  It just turned up that we're not actually using the 'flags' variable we set in LookupProxyInfo().  
This code was recently refactored by Patrick (bug 723628), but the actual bug has been sitting there since bug 235853:

We set flags=RESOLVE_NON_BLOCKING but don't use it.  This appears to be a result of jdm's rebase here:

The original patch from jrmuizel used the flags variable, but ignored the aProxyFlags parameter.  But that seems wrong to me too:

Seems like we should be adding the non-blocking flag to the passed-in flags.  Otherwise we are basically dropping the passed-in flags on the floor. (We only have one C++ client--websockets--that calls this with flags: I suspect this may be causing bug 713026)

I assume this means that we're still blocking the main thread for PAC DNS resolution? Did we ever actually test that? :(
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5 years ago
Correction: we're using the passed-in flags now, so this isn't causing bug 713026.  But it we start ignoring them, it will make that bug more broken :)


5 years ago
Blocks: 745296
No longer blocks: 557566

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5 years ago
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clearing review--this little patch somehow messes up most tests in test_websocket.html.
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5 years ago
Is there any update on this?  Can it please get fixed soon?

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5 years ago
Yes, we've had a recent eruption of proxy-related bugs which we are plowing through, and this is on that list.

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5 years ago
thank you for the update Jason.  is there a target release or timeframe?
Assignee: jduell.mcbugs → mcmanus
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Review of attachment 619662 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: netwerk/base/src/nsIOService.cpp
@@ +630,1 @@
>          rv = mProxyService->Resolve(aProxyURI ? aProxyURI : aURI, aProxyFlags,

hopefully this should just be aProxyFlags |= nsIProtocolProxyService::RESOLVE_NON_BLOCKING;

I'll retest websockets mochi with that.
Blocks: 769764
The unused variable basis of this bug report will be cured by the backout that will be done by 767005.

The portions of this bug report that deal with removing blocking from PAC file usage will be undertaken in bug 769764.
fixed by 767005
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED


5 years ago
status-firefox15: --- → fixed
status-firefox16: --- → fixed
Depends on: 767005
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla17

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5 years ago
Patrick, is there anything QA can do to verify this fix?
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