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[10.8] Build fails with "arch: posix_spawnp: egrep: Bad CPU type in executable"


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At least as of 10.8 DP3, it would appear that maybe Apple is no longer shipping universal binaries for (at least) egrep, so the fix we made to build on Lion (bug 655339) is no longer a valid option.

I just successfully built with FIXED_EGREP just pointing to egrep so perhaps we should go back to that.
I'm going to assume "accidentally".

Steven: is that grep workaround still necessary on current Lion? Could we simply remove it entirely?
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> Steven: is that grep workaround still necessary on current Lion?

Yes :-(

I just did a test build on OS X 10.7.3, with FIXED_EGREP pointing to egrep.

I suspect Apple will never fix bug 655339 on Lion (that they somehow consider that too big a change for a minor update).
I marked it confidential because I wasn't really sure where the line is for non-public information about 10.8. I figured it was better to start overly cautious.
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My understanding is that we're free to discuss Apple's pre-release builds to the extent that they directly effects us (e.g. bugs that we'd need to work around; new features that we'd need to support).

I got this from Josh, and have followed it since I started working on Mozilla.
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This is working on MoLo but not sure if it'll break anything else. I think this will only hit Lion and then for older versions we'll just use egrep as it was. That should be ok if only Lion AKA darwin 11 was broken (sounds like the case).
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That should be fine.
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I pushed to try ( and it looks fine, so let's make this official.
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