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Move the marking declarations out of jsgcmark.h and into a header with minimal dependencies


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As part of the new object/property/elements representation, I'm introducing a class that encapsulates the current Shape* stored in ObjectImpl.  (The idea is that we won't be conflating the ideas of a single property and an object's list of properties in the same representation.)  That class will contain a HeapPtr, which means I need to have the write barrier methods defined before the properties class is defined.  That means I need the corresponding marking methods declared by that point.  That means I need jsgcmarker.h.

I thought that depended on jscompartment.h, but it turns out it doesn't, actually -- that include can be removed at no cost.  I didn't realize this at the time, tho, so I wrote the patch.  I think it's a better state than previously -- moves stuff out of js/src into more precise directories, minimizes dependencies a bit, and generally makes things cleaner.  So how about this?

I tested this by removing all the contents of jsalloc.cpp and putting a single #include "gc/Markers.h" in it, then making sure that file compiled.
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Sorry, backed out on inbound because of build failure:
No worries, relanded and green after enough time that it's passed the original failure (it built all the way for me locally, too):

The problem was jsatom.h needed to see the HeapPtrAtom typedef (you can't predeclare types that are typedefs, unfortunately) that I moved to vm/String.h -- a non-installed header.  The simple fix was to use HeapPtr<JSAtom> rather than HeapPtrAtom, permitting the non-kosher #include to be removed.
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> The problem was

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