Open Bug 751238 Opened 8 years ago Updated 6 years ago

Sometimes input does not give any feedback, or doesn't bring up keyboard


(Firefox for Android :: Keyboards and IME, defect)

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(Reporter: jwir3, Unassigned)




When I tried to register at this site: on Fennec Native nightly 4-27-2012, it would sometimes not bring up the keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989).

Worse, sometimes when typing into bugzilla or other input boxes, it will bring up the keyboard, but I can't actually see anything in the input dialog when I type on the software keyboard. It will show characters as I type them within the Swype autocompletion screen, but once I select a word from the keyboard, I can then no longer see the word. If I close the keyboard, it then will render the text I've typed into the input dialog box, but if I bring the keyboard up again and start typing, it will not show any characters I've typed since opening the keyboard for the second time.
This happens on the Nexus 10 with the latest Android 4.3.  Switching apps (then back) sometimes helps.
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