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Update opus codec to the draft-12 source


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Now that the draft-11 code as landed, update the the draft-12 version, which is the latest published version.
Summary of changes:

- License header updates
- Warning fixes
- Comment improvements
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Detailed breakdown of the results available here:
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Hmm, tbpl link is completely green. It doesn't say what timed out, or what the two 'other' conditions were. Win64 debug? :/

Anyway, builds and passes mochitest-1 (the media tests) everywhere I've looked.
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Update to the draft-12 source

Review of attachment 620746 [details] [diff] [review]:

Note that for multichannel _encoding_, we will want something from the latest git for some fixes that did not go into the draft. Decoding multichannel from the draft should be fine.
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Thanks. Are we expecting any changes between draft-12 and the final RFC?

I wanted to stick with the draft text until final publication, then upgrade to the 1.0 git tag. If we need this for webrtc sooner, we can bump it.
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