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Test failures from Jetpack suite aren't parsed


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Since test failures from addons don't show up in tinderbox, code that breaks jetpack gets committed without anyone fixing it.

Because the addons-sdk team wants to keep dependencies to a minimum, only python's unittest is used. tldp should be extended as necessary to parse the test code output by jetpack.

It looks like this will mean adding a LineFilter implementation for the test output.
Thanks for offering to take this on!
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Hrm, those test suites are just hidden AFAIK (see since they've been perma-orange, so looking at them doesn't really make much sense.  Am I missing what this bug is about?
Yeah, he means that we need an errorparser that recognizes the jetpack suite's way of marking test failures ("^error: TEST FAILED" at least, possibly more), since it doesn't do TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL.
Summary: Tests from addons-sdk don't show up in tinderbox → Test failures from Jetpack suite aren't parsed
Here is a minimal patch that got it to work for me.
It took me a while to figure out what was going on.  Part of the problem was the hidden errors (the '@' prefix)

When I removed those, I saw the following:

  PHP Warning:  ftp_fget(): Illegal PORT command (Stingray Traffic Manager FTP
  proxy). in ..../php/inc/RawGzLogDownloader.php on line 29,

I don't know how much large the files that RawGzLogDownloader usually gets are, but so far it works for a test box.
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Patch so log fetching would work on my virtual machine

Review of attachment 621360 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: php/inc/RawGzLogDownloader.php
@@ -26,5 @@
> -    if (!@ftp_login($ftpstream, "anonymous", ""))
> -      throw new Exception("Couldn't connect to Mozilla FTP server.");
> -    $fp = tmpfile();
> -    if (!@ftp_fget($ftpstream, $fp, $path, FTP_BINARY))
> -      throw new Exception("Log not available at URL {$this->logURL}.");

Just wondering what kind of error handling the new code has. What happens to file_get_contents when the url is a 404?
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Patch so log fetching would work on my virtual machine

moving fixed patch to Bug 754420
Attachment #621360 - Attachment is obsolete: true (probably be deployed to tbpl.m.o early next week)
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