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Some of the AutoLocalJNIFrame code usage could be more robust


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:gcp pointed out that functions like AndroidGeckoLayerClient::ActivateProgram(JNIEnv *env) don't obviously check for exceptions after the JNI invocation; the caller is expected to do this. In order to make the code more robust it is better to pass in the AutoLocalJNIFrame to these functions and do the exception check there rather than relying on the caller to do it.

The new behaviour is also consistent with some of the other functions like AndroidGeckoSurfaceView::GetSoftwareDrawBitmap.

This change is a follow-up to bug 748531 and contains no actual functional changes, just code robustification.
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how about adding a GetEnv() function to AutoLocalJNIFrame and replacing the JNIEnv* arguments to these functions with a  AutoLocalJNIFrame*?
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Sounds reasonable to me. We still need to do null checks on it before using it though.
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