How do we show in-app refunds on Account History page



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For regular apps, on refunds we just dim the app on Account History and say 'purchase refunded'.

We need to figure out how we want to deal with in-app purchases and their refunds.


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CCing design team
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Created attachment 632343 [details]
Apps - Account History
Created attachment 632344 [details]
In-app - Account History
Notes for attachment 632343 [details]:

- Stripped out all of the extra information and limited it to specifically the purchase information (title, date, price, installed?). They can view the app detail page if they forgot what they purchased or need support. This should also improve things on small screens.

- The list is ordered chronologically, with the most recent purchase being at the top. 

- Talked to Cvan about this and we feel splitting the App and In-app purchases into two different tab sections is the best option. This way you can view things in chronological order by purchase date. Makes things a lot cleaner too. Open to feedback on this.

- Refunded apps "fade out" (icon and background) and the refund date is placed under the purchase date.

- The price listed for apps that were purchased should be the price the user paid and not the price the app is currently selling for.

- Limiting the statuses in the right column to "Installed", "Install", and "Refunded". "Purchased" didn't seem necessary and is confusing (Is it installed or not installed?). The price is a good indicator of whether you paid for it.  

Notes for attachment 632344 [details]:

- We discussed whether it was possible to display an icon for the in-app purchase, but after more thought I think it would be best to stick with the App's icon, this would make it easier to quickly scan the list and identify the app you made the purchase in.

- The large title in each row is the title of the In-App purchase, and the name of the app is listed below it. The link would link to the App's detail page (unless there's a link to an in-app purchase page I don't know of?).
Created attachment 632406 [details]
Apps - Account History - v2

Moved "Refunds" to their own section, below the purchases.
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Created attachment 632407 [details]
In-app - Account History - v2

Overlay the in-app purchase's icon over top the App icon. Fallback to the rocket ship (as displayed on the DLC #2 purchase)
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I'm not sure if those designs are final.  marking uiwanted until we have final approval
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As far as I know, we don't?
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(In reply to Chris Van Wiemeersch [:cvan] from comment #8)
> As far as I know, we don't?

We've had this discussion in a different bug, but I can't remember which one. Why are we making the Marketplace responsible for showing the in-app receipts again? Does the user not get a notification of their purchase via email/direct billing?

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6 years ago
For PayPal we were showing in-app payments. For the same reason that we showed charges for buying an app. Since the payment went through the marketplace to PayPal we felt it would be nice to show them the refunds and go through our refund flow as opposed to going to PayPal.

I don't know where things stand now however.
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Assignee: msandberg → nobody
I'm going to wontfix this. I continue to believe that we shouldn't be using the "my apps list" as a receipt history.

Maureen, if you disagree feel free to reopen and reboot the discussion in regards to our current payments solution.
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