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Simplify SeaMonkey handling of Lightnings customizable toolbars, Lightning part.


(Calendar :: Lightning: SeaMonkey Integration, defect)

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From Bug 721330 Comment 16:
> Resolving this as FIXED. I need to do some enhancement for customizable
> toolbars on the SeaMonkey side but that'll be in another bug.

In Bug 731264, I've made some enhancements in the SeaMonkey toolbar customize code to handle multiple toolboxes in one window. So now I can simplify the Lightning SeaMonkey overlay.
> +++ b/calendar/lightning/content/lightning-toolbar.xul
> -    <toolbarset id="calendarToolbars" context="task-toolbar-context"/>
> +    <toolbarset id="taskToolbars" context="task-toolbar-context"/>

You can't have the same ID "calendarToolbars" twice in the same Window.

The rest of the patch applies to SeaMonkey only integration code in Lightning so should have no effect on Thunderbird.

>    <menuitem id="CustomizeTaskActionsToolbar"
> -            oncommand="ltnSuiteUtils.customizeToolbar(this)"/>
> -  <menuitem id="CustomizeCalendarToolbar"
> -            oncommand="ltnSuiteUtils.customizeToolbar(this)"/>
> -  <menuitem id="CustomizeTaskToolbar"
> -            oncommand="ltnSuiteUtils.customizeToolbar(this)"/>
> +            oncommand="goCustomizeToolbar(document.getElementById('task-actions-toolbox'))"/>

The task actions context menu is also attached to a vbox outside the toolbox no idea why. So I need to tell the Suite goCustomizeToolbar() where the toolbox is.

> +  <toolbar id="calendar-toolbar2"
> +           defaultlabelalign="end"
> +           context="toolbar-context-menu"/>

Everywhere else we use the Suite customize context menu code which is normally smart enough to figure out where the enclosing toolbox is.
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Patch v1.0 Proposed Fix.

I see no difference on TB, so r=me
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