When accessing preferences through the about:home icon it should default to 'general' section




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7 years ago
When accessing settings via the about:home icon the previously viewed section is what is shown - I expected the general section to be in-focus. 

This could easily cause confusion when a user is exploring Firefox, clicks the sync icon first, closes the preferences window and then clicks the settings icon. They may expect a different feature to be presented to them than the previously viewed section.

Steps to reproduce:
1. in FF nightly go to about:home
2. click on the sync icon in the lower portion of the browser
3. close the preferences window
4. click on the settings icon in the lower right-hand portion of the browser

Preferences window returns the previously viewed preferences tab - not the 'general' section as user would expect. 

Clicking on the settings icon opens the general section in the preferences window.

Comment 1

7 years ago
I apologize in comment 0 I posted only a partial screen capture of the behavior. Here is an additional video.

No opening to the General Tab is not what users expect.  Many users when using Options Panel tend to stick with a tab or two, especially when testing, i.e. clearing history, cookies, changing setting in a particular tab.  

Closing and testing, the reopening to the General Tab and not the last used/accessed tab would be extra frustrating work on the power user doing testing.  Extra clicks to return to the area your working in would not be well accepted.  

I strongly suggest this be a WONTFIX.

Comment 3

7 years ago
(In reply to Jim Jeffery not reading bug-mail 1/2/11 from comment #2)
> Extra clicks to return to the area your working in would not be
> well accepted.  
> I strongly suggest this be a WONTFIX.

I am ok with bumping this to WONTFIX if the assumption is we're primary targeting power users - it is just an observation that non-power users may expect a different behavior. The accessibility of the about:home icons means that more people will be accessing preferences. 

If a user clicks on the sync icon and then the settings icon and sees the same preferences tab it won't be the behavior that they are expecting.
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