Open Bug 755978 (daily_beta_tracking) Opened 9 years ago Updated 6 years ago

[Tracking Bug] Enable faster beta release cadence (daily)


(Firefox :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: lsblakk, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


This is the tracking bug for supporting and initiating delivering new beta builds & updates every day instead of once per week during our 6 week release cycles.  All work required to complete this plan will be tracking in bugs blocking this bug.  Our current goal is to be able to move to this cadence in our 7/17 release cycle.

More details of this proposed plan available here:
Depends on: 754050
Depends on: daily-beta-qa
Depends on: bgupdates
Alias: daily_beta_tracking
Summary: [Tracking Bug] Enable faster beta release cadence (nightly) → [Tracking Bug] Enable faster beta release cadence (daily)
Depends on: 758101
No longer depends on: bgupdates
Depends on: 761781
Depends on: 764042
Depends on: 598757
Depends on: 771218
We'll still do this at some point but someone else will be managing the project.
Assignee: lsblakk → nobody
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