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Netflix keeps playing after closing


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From Input:

Netflix audio still plays even after closing the tab/window.

There's also
This may also happen with Youtube:
I tried reproducing this on one machine and wasn't able to using Netflix - but I am trying a few other scenarios. It may be Silverlight or Flash version dependent.
Testing in the QA lab on a Mac 10.7 machine, I was not able to reproduce with two different versions of Silverlight running the latest beta build:

Version: 4.0.60531.0
Version: 5.1.10411.0

Next I will run some scenarios on Windows. may offer some additional insight here since it appears the player may have changed a bit recently.
Bug 756289 is related, but appears to be visible in Firefox 12 as well and may be related to the recent Netflix redesign.
Not able to reproduce using Firefox beta with a Windows 7 machine with Version: 5.1.10411.0 of Silverlight. Audio closes when the tab is closed or when back button is invoked.
I get this 100% after playing a Hulu film: close tab but sound continues. Intermittent, and hard to reproduce using BBC iPlayer -but it does happen. FF15
I was finally able to reproduce this on a Mac 10.7.4 lab machine, although only once so far using Netflix. In that instance I believe I closed the tab using the back button. Happened running the latest beta/Silverlight Version: 5.1.10411.0
I have encountered this bug once in Fx14 (win7-64) as well.
No longer depends on: 719117
I was able to reproduce this in the lab using the same machine that I did in Comment 8 running Beta. I will now see if I can do it consistently.

I recall that my steps this time were that I enabled HD in full screen, used the Netflix Back to Browsing button. I then may have used the browser back button and then finally closed the tab. About 30 seconds after closing the tab I could still hear the audio playing.
I was just able to reproduce this in a clean profile using Firefox beta with these exact steps:

1. Login into Netflix and play The Crow or any movie that has HD available.
2. Launch into full screen and press the HD button. Let the movie play for a few minutes.
3. Use the Netflix "Back to Browsing" button in the upper left and go back to your Netflix page.
4. Invoke the browser back button to go one page back.
5. Close the tab.

The audio continues to play. The machine I am testing on currently has Norton Internet Security installed, although when I am testing Firefox 13 I don't have any Norton addons installed.
Marcia, does roc's Try build with the fix for bug 757262 help?
(I'm guessing it's based on a recent m-c or m-i, let me know if you need a m-beta
build with that fix instead)
Using that build, I unfortunately crash in Bug 753248 so I am not able to do a valid test. 

(In reply to Mats Palmgren [:mats] from comment #13)
> Marcia, does roc's Try build with the fix for bug 757262 help?
> com-6cc1814784d8
> (I'm guessing it's based on a recent m-c or m-i, let me know if you need a
> m-beta
> build with that fix instead)
Now that Bug 757262 landed, I did some more testing around this but I wasn't able to even reproduce it on Nightly even before I updated to the latest nightly that had the fix.

For some reason testing with Netflix it was much easier for me to reproduce in the Firefox beta version.
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