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Make ThreadLocal::set infallible by crashing on failure


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Thread-local storage is apparently at least sometimes allocated lazily (by necessity, given dynamic library loading).  Thus storing a thread-local variable is fallible.  Right now ThreadLocal::set returns a bool to indicate success or failure.  It seems pretty unlikely, however, that users have a sane way to handle that failure in general.  So we should probably make this infallible, and if a failure does happen, we should just crash.
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If that's what we want to do, r=me.
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It's unfortunate the various platform TLS APIs don't permit splitting up the fallible part of ThreadLocal::set from the infallible part (say, with a pthread_ensure(index) call or something).  If there were such a thing I'd be more than willing to smack a warn-unused-result on the fallible part and keep .set infallible, but wishes and wings and all that.  :-\

The biggest indictment of fallible set is probably that *nobody*'s checking for failure, not even the JS engine (which ordinarily you'd expect to be better about that), so trying to hold the current course is -- well, not lost, quite, but definitely looking like a losing cause.
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