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Make TBPL's Vagrantfile auto-detect platform and turn off NFS on Windows


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On platforms other than Windows, the use of NFS is preferred over VirtualBox shared folders for performance reasons (

On Windows, there is neither the same performance hit of VirtualBox's shared folders, nor any easy way of running an NFS server. Therefore, for Windows after checking out TBPL, one has to manually edit TBPL's Vagrantfile to turn off nfs, by s/true/false on this line:

> config.vm.share_folder("tbpl-code", "/var/www/tbpl", "./", :nfs => true)

...otherwise you get:

> The host class is reporting that NFS is not supported by this host,
> or `nfsd` may not be installed. Please verify that `nfsd` is installed
> on your machine, and retry.

This means I have to keep an mq patch just for this change & remember to have it applied every time I start the VM.

The attached patch auto-detects if running on Windows and turns off NFS if so, to avoid the need to manually edit.
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Meant to add, that the patch also removed the redundant | do |config|| block, since I'm pretty sure it is not required & looks to have been copied verbatim from the example at the bottom of
I don't suppose you know when you'll have a chance to look at this? :-)
(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #2)
> I don't suppose you know when you'll have a chance to look at this? :-)

Sorry, was busy all last week on a particularly problematic push (different project).

I will take a look this week.

One approach I have noticed other projects do (playdoh for example) is to default to NFS off, and also break the user-editable bits out to a separate config file that Vagrantfile reads:

You then copy this file to "vagrantconfig_local.yaml" which is git ignored.

Not sure we need to go this for for TBPL, just something to think about. I do like this approach of just auto-disabling if on Windows, I just want to take time to test before I r+
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