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Ability to localize webmaker website
This is 100% on our road map, and as we've built our part of the app on playdoh something that should be easy to both implement and maintain.
Any ETA on this?
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At the moment not too sure.

Right now we're sprinting on adding in new features which means that functionality like this is hard to prioritize. Once the site is in a more settled state I've got a few ideas that can add this.

We also have the problem of localising content that comes out of a simple CMS system - the complexity of which will need to multiply significantly if we were to include localisation.

From a scope perspective which part of the site do you think are those that would benefit most from localisation? If we can focus on specific areas opposed to the entire site it might help clarify our dev process.

Cheers for following up, and sorry that I've been unable to, so far, provide an amazing answer for you.

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The french community

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The french community looks forward to translate the whole Webmaker project. I see 3 distinct tasks :
* the website itself. Lot's of Mozilla's websites are already localized with . Is it possible to add to Verbatim ?
* Thimble;
* the templates used in Thimble;

For the two last points, we have already made some suggestions on Github, see and

Please let us know when non-english speaking people will also be able to start becoming Webmakers !
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I10N is being worked on for the rewritten version of, resolving as invalid, work will continue in the new components instead.
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