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Compact Folders dialog has confusing keyboard shortcuts


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Thunderbird 15.0


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The Compact Folders dialog presents two buttons, "Cancel" and "Compact _N_ow". Half of the time I hit N by accident because I intend to say "No", which does the exact opposite of what I want.
And what would you suggest as a better key? "C" is also not good :)
Bwinton, any ideas?
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Hah!  No, I'm on a Mac, so don't see the keyboard shortcuts, and I've gotten mired in that kind of discussion before.  I think this time you get to just pick a key, and ask mconley or andreasn for ui-review.  ;)

Chris, your proposal?
I see the same "N" key on Windows.

I also wonder why "Cancel" does not have a key.

The code that shows this dialog is in /mailnews/base/util/nsMsgDBFolder.cpp and it will also affect Seamonkey.
How about "_Y_es" and "_N_o"?
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I think such ambiguous button labels are explicitly unwanted.
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how do I trigger this dialog? File > Compact folders just does it for me.
Set the limit in preferences to compact if it saves 1MB.
Then compose a msg with big attachment -> send later. Delete it from Outbox and Trash. It should prompt you.
To begin with, I don't understand why this dialog exists in the first place, apart from bothering people. But that could be another bug report ;)

In general it seems the policy for shortcuts is to go for the first letter if possible, and then go for second letters if not, from that point N makes sense.

I can see your mental connection to No though, so I could be all right with this change I guess.

The dialog is valuable. There are many problems with compaction running at inappropriate time, causing dataloss and other effects (at least I have the impression from watching bugzilla). So some people would like to see it and potentialy do not allow compact when not appropriate.
Who doesn't want that warning can easily disable it.
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Sure, lets go for this.
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I hope it is not necessary to change the string ID as localizations probably use other accesskey already.
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Looks good. Thanks.
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