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Currently is obtaining the mozconfig to use for l10n repacks from buildbot-configs, rather than from the source tree.
We should add these to the source repositories, create a list in the release configs (like, and then change the logic to find it based on the location in the release config. Should be pretty easy, not high priority though.
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Attached patch Tools fix v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch updates the tools scripts which is where the repacks come from. Specifically wrt mozconfigs it:

- Looks for a new key in releaseConfig called 'l10n-mozconfigs'
- If that is found, then it will attempt to use the source mozconfig specified, falling back to the buildbot-configs one if that is not found
- If the 'l10n-mozconfigs' key isn't present, it will just fall back to the old method of getting mozconfigs from buildbot-configs.

It also adds a 'cat .mozconfig' step so the result can be identified.

I've tested this locally as far as the copying of the mozconfig with a couple of extra patches that I'll attach in a moment, and it seemed to work fine.

Not sure if you guys will want a staging run on it though.

I thought we could start rolling this out with the next Thunderbird beta in a couple of weeks time, and then move onto other products/channels later.
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This patch tells the comm-beta release scripts to use the in source tree version, and removes the old buildbot-configs mozconfigs for comm-beta.

I've also verified according to the last comm-beta release that the 'release' mozconfigs in buildbot-configs are no longer required afaict.
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This is the patch that adds the mozconfigs to comm-beta. I think the changes will work, but I'm just pushed to try to verify (

When I land this on branches, I'll make sure to update our scripts to update the l10n path name (for now, I believe there's a separate bug on that somewhere).
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Add configs to comm-central and co

This doesn't quite work on Windows wrt the args. I'll think about that tomorrow.
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Tools fix v1

Review of attachment 730161 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: lib/python/build/
@@ +56,5 @@
> +                    cp %(src_mozconfig)s .mozconfig;
> +                else
> +                    echo Downloading mozconfig;
> +                    cp ../%(hg_mozconfig)s .mozconfig;
> +                fi'''.replace("\n", "") % {'src_mozconfig': srcMozconfigPath, 'hg_mozconfig': mozconfigPath }]

Is there any reason this bash to be used? We do it in Buildbot because there's no alternative, but this should be translated to Python if possible. You should be able to get rid of the extra fallback in the "else" block if you do.

Can you file a bug to kill the fallback logic too? We should keep it until we ship a final release/esr with the new mozconfigs (in case we need to chemspill from a relbranch), but I don't want to support it longer than we have to.
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buildbot-configs - Thunderbird comm-beta

Review of attachment 730164 [details] [diff] [review]:

Rolling out on Thunderbird first seems like a good idea as long as that beta is happening in the first half of the cycle.
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I just remembered that picks up MOZILLA_REV and COMM_REV from the environment and buildbot already sets those for l10n builds.

I'd forgotten it with the previous version of this patch, so this will work now.
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Attached patch Tools fix v2Splinter Review
Fixes the review comments.
Attachment #752172 - Flags: review?(bhearsum)
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Tools fix v2

Review of attachment 752172 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: scripts/l10n/
@@ +239,4 @@
>          l10nBaseRepo=make_hg_url(branchConfig["hghost"],
>                                   releaseConfig["l10nRepoPath"]),
>          mozconfigPath=mozconfig,
> +        srcMozconfigPath=releaseConfig.get('l10n-mozconfigs', {}).get(options.platform),

Can you change this to l10n_mozconfigs on landing, for consistency?

Sorry I didn't get to this before beta 1!
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Tools fix v2

Landed this section:
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buildbot-configs - Thunderbird comm-beta
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Live in production.
Looks like we need to update the source factory as well?

cp: cannot stat `configs/mozilla2/linux/comm-beta/release/mozconfig': No such file or directory
Rather than try to fix the source issue straight away, lets play it safe and put the mozconfig back that it wants. We can then follow-up later with a full fix for the source factories.
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buildbot-configs - Thunderbird comm-beta
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Bug 898099 has fixed some of this for all apps, but there's some tidy up that can be done once we've completed shipping with that in place.
Depends on: 898099
Product: → Release Engineering
Not working on this atm
Assignee: standard8 → nobody
This script is dying in favour of the new Mozharness one.
Closed: 4 years ago
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