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Re-work B2g opt gecko builds, add debug


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Turns out that B2G debug builds were busted and nobody really noticed. Can we get debug builds for B2G as well please?
Depends on: 758093
This patch should be landed now that is landed.  By landing this patch before the b2g-debug platform is created, the debug mozconfig name can be reclaimed.
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I'm taking over on this while Chris is on PTO.
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Michael, these use the new platform names we talked about yesterday. I couldn't find an example of a debug b2g mozconfig so I simply swapped --enable-profiling for --enable-debug.
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Oh, I should note that the plan here is to enable new opt+debug in parallel with the ones that jhford originally set-up. Once we validate the new ones, we'll shut those off and remove the mozconfigs.
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opt and debug mozconfigs using new platform names

Not quite a realistic build yet, but adding debug builds can only help.

r=me with s/arm7a/armv7a/
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opt and debug mozconfigs using new platform names

Changed to armv7a, landed:
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A few things here:
* Add gb_armv7a_gecko as a supported platform
* Enable prefixes for scheduler names
* Ifdef some things so we don't need to specify them in
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One big caveat here: I don't think try chooser works with it at all - I was getting builds with every single try push in staging.

Here's a summary of what's happening here:
* Creating plus the production, preproduction, and staging localconfigs. These are done similarly to the Thunderbird ones in that they import a lot from config and the base localconfigs, and override where needed.
* Project branches aren't supported yet. I tried enabled them yesterday but hit a lot of issues. We'll do that in a follow-up.
* Fix the change source deduplication in universal_master_sqlite.cfg and builder_master.cfg -- it was removing the real mozilla-central poller because it only compared .branch (rather than using the object's __cmp__, which compares more than that).

After landing, this will enable opt + debug builds of gingerbread based armv7a gecko on mozilla-central, inbound, and try. The original opt builds that jhford set-up will remain enabled for now. I spoke with edmorley about TBPL, and he said that we shouldn't need to do anything there to get the debug builds showing up. I'll verify that after landing.

In follow-ups, we should:
* Make project branches work with
* Disable/get rid of hacks for the original builds that jhford set-up
* Enable other build types
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buildbotcustom support for separated b2g builds
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create separated b2g configs, enable opt+debug on central, inbound, try
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FTR, I used the attached patch to add/fix b2g symlinks.
 python -f production-masters.json -R build -j8 b2g_links
 python -f production-masters.json -R try -j8 b2g_links
 python -f production-masters.json -R scheduler -j8 b2g_links
In production 2012-06-22 09:30 PT
Updating summary to match what we've actually done here.
Summary: Build B2G in debug mode as well → Re-work B2g opt gecko builds, add debug
Depends on: 767473
Depends on: 767507
Depends on: 767522 will be tracking turning off the old-style b2g builds, and will probably happen sometime next week.
This is done now. Builds are enabled and showing on TBPL. Some minor-ish follow-up work to be done in: bug 767515, bug 767501, bug 767503, and bug 767528.
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