Improve performance when retrieving from CalDAV with large number of entries



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Steps to reproduce:

I got a CalDAV calendar with 1900+ elements in it (ranging in date from 2007 to 2013 at the moment). When starting thunderbird it takes about 3min to completely retrieve any events from the CalDAV server (Zarafa 7.0.7-34256).

Actual results:

Within this first 3 minutes load goes to 50% and thunderbird is responding very slowly. The debug output shows, that sunbird is always loading 100 elements at once.

Expected results:

One could increase the number of events that are fetched from the CalDAV server in one step. Yet, I guess most time is spent on transforming those iCal-Entries into Lightning's appointments.

Probably the better solution is to get only the events of a certain period (this year +/- 1y?). That way the amount of data to be processed will be much smaller.

Then, if the user is going to display a date outside the fetched time span, the needed data can be fetched on demand.


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Comment 1

6 years ago
dupe of bug 530423 ?
What is your filter setting in the Find Events bar? What is your filter setting in the Tasks tab?  What is your filter setting in the Today Pane task section? If set to e.g. "All" this will trigger Lightning to download all events or tasks to display them. Select a different filter to limit the number of requests.

The requests are done in a batch of 100 because some CalDAV servers can handle only a limited number of requests at one time. You could create the advanced preference "calendar.caldav.multigetBatchSize" and set to a higher value and test if your CalDAV server works with it.

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reporter ?
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Resolved per whiteboard
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