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[KDE] The file picker dialog is displayed underneath the browser window when attempting to add an attachment to yahoo mail


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Steps to reproduce:

Editing yahoo email to add an attachment. I get a popup that is below the browser window some times. Additionally, the content of the popup is not 1) sorted properly, and 2) not in the "recently used" directory.

Actual results:

The popup appeared under the browser instance.

The content in the popup was not the recently used directory as I had left it last time I used it.

The content was not sorted by date ascending (most recent first) as I had left it last time I used it.

Expected results:

This behavior changed in the past week or so. I was expecting to have "recently used" be where I had last used it (/opt/resumes on my Linux system) and that the files there would be sorted by date (most recent first). Neither of these are happening now.
please do not open multiple bugs for the same problem

duplicate 752285

I don't know why I did this but this bug report has more information in it.

I can only guess as to why this happened but please accept my apologies.


no insult taken at all, you can add more comments to existing bug reports, and change all fields, except existing comments, in bug reports you own (for example if you want a new title of the bug).
Duplicate of this bug: 752285
George, could you expand on your steps to reproduce? 
1. Add an attachment in yahoo mail.
2. Select add attachment.

What pop-up do you get in that situation? Could you attach a screenshot?

Also, is this reproducible in safe mode or with a clean profile?
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I'm not sure what you are asking for.

I have tried to do this process "add an attachment" to email.

step 1: login to
step 2: read an email
step 3: poke the reply tab
step 4: type in the body of the email
step 5: poke the attach files "button"

At this point in time, BOTH a new profile and my "normal/usual" profile placed the "select a file" popup UNDER the main widget or browser "window"

The first time I had to navigate to a specific directory and sort by most recent usage to get the most recent file at the top (this failed since the top most file was from 2011, the next file was sorted correctly) and then highlight the file and poke the open button

The second time I did not have to navigate to the specific directory but I did have to poke the sort to make the most recent file at the top. Again there was a file from 2011 ahead of the requested "most recently accessed file". I then highlighted the file and poked the open button.

step 6: poke the send button.

The KDE screen capture did NOT capture what was really going on on the screen. When I poked the "attach files" button, my task bar came up ( I have auto raise enabled ). Screen shot did NOT capture this. Likewise with the file selection popup, screen capture failed to capture the popup.
Thanks for clarifying, George.

This how it looks in Ubuntu 12.04 after testing:

1. Add an attachment in yahoo mail:
The File picker dialog is displayed correctly in the middle of the screen. The selected directory is by default the "Recently Used" directory. If I upload a file from another directory, that directory will be selected next time when selecting attach file.

Files in that directory are ordered by date (the most recent used on top)

No pop-up displayed here.

If you say this is a recent change, could you be willing to try out the mozregression tool and find out the regression range?

What I'm calling "popup" is the file picker dialogue.

The problem with hiding behind the browser seems to come and go.

The sorting and location of the download I'm not so sure of, maybe a few weeks ago.

I'm most certainly willing to try the mozregression tool. Let me check this out and I'll post questions here.



I'm still experiencing this problem.

I haven't had a chance to run mozregression tool.


George, here's a few things that you can also try:
-see if you can reproduce with a Firefox Nightly build
-check an older build of Firefox (let's say Firefox 13) to make sure this isn't reproducible there (maybe a third party issue is triggering this - e.g. some updates to your linux distribution)
-is this reproducible on another browser?
Are you using a build that comes with your distribution or a build downloaded from mozilla sites? 

Would like to help, but I can't see this issue on Ubuntu so I can't really find a regression range.
Summary: the popup for adding files to emails → [KDE] The file picker dialog is displayed underneath the browser window when attempting to add an attachment to yahoo mail

I'm using the FF Nightly which is the version against which I have submitted this bug. It's very up to date.

I have found that when I proceed "normally" the problem does not appear. When I poke the cancel button and try again, the problem seems to appear.

I'd like to try the mozregression process but do not want to loose my bookmarks, history, settings, etc... which COULD disappear and/or be damaged by using a back level browser. Would just backing up my ~/.mozilla directory save enough of this data?

Would you give me a couple of command line suggestions for testing please?


The mozregression tool does not use the default Firefox profile. It creates a blank one every time.

More information related to this bug.

I made a new profile and did the following sequence of actions:

1) login to
2) poke "compose message"
3) fill in to: and subject:
4) poke "attach files"
5) poke cancel
6) poke "attach files" again
7) the file picker popup appears UNDER the main widget.

Any errors in the Error Console by any chance after repeating these steps?

Still can't reproduce with the STR in comment 13.

If you need live help in running the mozregression tool, you can ask in IRC, #qa channel:

This problem still exists in version 19a.

I'm running without any plugins at the moment.

Version: 15 Branch → 19 Branch
platform-rel: --- → ?
Whiteboard: [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
Whiteboard: [platform-rel-Yahoo!] → [platform-rel-Yahoo!] fedora 23; FF from
platform-rel: ? → ---

This bug is almost 5 years old. I have moved on to a different platform AND a different version of FF. I do not believe I've seen this bug since reporting it. I'm now on Fedora 25 and FF 52.0b1 (64-bit) (beta).

This bug could be closed.

If you want to review the code around this problem, that'd be cool. Your call.

Of course I will re-open or make a new bug if I experience this problem in the future.

Thanks for your help and time and diligence.

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