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Define and Implement Uninstall App End-User Flow


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We need to come up with an end-user version of the uninstall flow for the web runtime on Android. Currently, there is no explicit way for a user to know how to uninstall an app without knowing that about:apps explicitly exists. Even so, the current uninstall flow won't remove the shortcut from the user's machine if it's been added. We need to determine what the end-user UX flow is for uninstalling an installed web application that is discoverable, feasible, and easy for the user to use.

There's debate right now is right now if it's even possible to remove a shortcut from a user's homescreen. I did see this though that mentioned something about being able to remove shortcuts created by me, but not other existing ones:

Also saw this:
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We need better information from the app uninstall process to do this I think. See bug 760708.
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Definitely a blocker for the first release - we need have a usable uninstall flow, even from about:apps if that's what we are going for now.
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k9o nomination - something needs to be decided here, as uninstall is a basic user flow for apps
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Shortcut being removed from homescreen is 'uninstall' which is implemented. Will file followup bug for cleanup of profiles by fennec native when user uninstalls it.
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