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I don't think it serves a purpose anymore.  Also, almost all of the rest of SemanticAnalysis.cpp can be removed with this.
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Note to self: with SetFunctionKinds removed, remove PNK_UPVARS and free lexdeps eagerly.
Step 1: remove the flag.
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Mmmm, tasy.
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*tasty, even.
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It is a good day.
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Attached patch rm PN_NAMESETSplinter Review
jimb pointed out that patch 2 makes PN_NAMESET dead as well!
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rm SetFunctionKinds and PNK_UPVARS

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It looks to me as if PNK_UPVARS is the only user of the nameset arity; so that's a bunch more stuff that might as well go too.

::: js/src/frontend/ParseNode.h
@@ +822,5 @@
>      bool isGeneratorExpr() const {
>          if (getKind() == PNK_LP) {
>              ParseNode *callee = this->pn_head;
>              if (callee->getKind() == PNK_FUNCTION) {
> +                ParseNode *body = callee->pn_body;

If you like, I think it would be okay to just write 'callee->pn_body->getKind() == ...' here, and perhaps combine the inner if with the enclosing if. The temporary variable doesn't seem to serve any purpose any more.
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D'oh, I realized that the existing patch makes enclosing functions heavyweight if any nested function contains a free variable.  For example, in:
  function f() { (function g() { x++ })() }
f will be marked heavyweight.  This is because g creates a placeholder which is marked as 'closed' when it is hoisted into f.  However, it is too early to say whether f contains a definition of 'x' yet.

I think the solution is to mark functions as having closed variables when they have finished parsing.  This would also give us a simple place to compile the list of upvars instead of the scattered noteClosedVar/noteClosedArg stuff.
Hrm, the solution to this will fit nicely into bug 775323, so I'll land the JSFUN_NULL_CLOSURE-removal now and roll the SetFunctionKinds-removal into bug 775323.
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