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add text attributes testing for HTML5 mark color


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Not set





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w3c example: 
<p>Look around and you will find, no-one's really
 <mark>colour</mark> blind.</p>

add it to
similar to other examples in this file
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Added tests; passed locally.
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Overall looks good. Please address the two issues below (either with a new patch or an explanation that I am wrong).

::: accessible/tests/mochitest/attributes/test_text.html
@@ +534,5 @@
> +      attrs = {};
> +      testTextAttrs(ID, 0, attrs, defAttrs, 0, 10);
> +      
> +      // Walk to the span with the different background color
> +      tempElem = getNode(ID).firstChild.nextSibling;

Can't you just give the <mark> tag an ID and get it that way? Seems more readable and less vulnerable to future breakage.

@@ +585,5 @@
> +  <a target="_blank"
> +     href=""
> +     title="Add text attributes testing for HTML5 mark color">
> +    Mozilla Bug 761910
> +  </a>

No need to add a reference to this bug since it is not the implementation bug, just the test bug.
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(In reply to Eitan Isaacson [:eeejay] from comment #2)

> Can't you just give the <mark> tag an ID and get it that way? Seems more
> readable and less vulnerable to future breakage.

The reason for it is that according to the spec:, the mark element is used within a quotation or block of text. Should i give it an ID, i will then have it as a tag within the body of the test. Another alternative will be to append it to a different test block, say "area10".
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From the DOM Inspector, i found the mark element to be a text leaf, likewise the span element. Since the test function testTextAttrs will eventually make calls to determine whether the element is accessible or not, failing in the latter case; directly accessing the element by its id doesn't seem to be the way to go. I think that's why other tests in the file involving the span element similarly avoided doing so.
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review ping.
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Sorry for the delay.
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No problem.
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