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4xp for 4.x PP?


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The current definition of the 4xp keyword says:

Navigator 4.x Parity bugs. A bug is a Navigator 4.x Parity bug if it occurs on
Mozilla builds, but does not occur using the latest release of Netscape
Communicator 4.x.

Note that it doesn't say whether this can apply to 4.x platform parity issues,
ie whether it has to not occur on the latest release on _all_ platforms, or just
_one_.  It should be clarified as such.

I suggest if it doesn't occur on one platform it should be considered 4xp, as
it's 4xp to at least some users.
I agree with Matthew. It seems 4xp is most useful when it shows where Mozilla 
falls behind a previous version of the browser in some way. It's a step 
backward for someone and that's an important consideration. Unlike Matthew I 
just assumed that 4xp meant that it failed on any platform, since that's the 
only way that seemed logical to me. :-)

I'd extend his comments to mean a 4.x version, not just the very latest 
version. Some of this came out of bug 10491 which discusses how Open Link in 
New Window does not mark the link as visited in the original window. Apparently 
Netscape Communicator 4.61 correctly marked links visited, but the 4.7x 
versions don't.

I agree, 4.x parity on one platform should be enough for 4xp.
I s this really a problem? Are there people asking in bugs if it's OK to add
4.xp because they see a problem on Mac Mozilla but not on Win32 Mozilla?  Am I
misunderstanding the request?
Like was said above, this was an issue on a real bug report.
QA Contact: lchiang → timeless
wontfix. If any changes are going to be made to this description it should be a
complete overhaul to change the language to talk about features not on parity
with 4.x or something like that. If this is really a keyword for "bugs that do
not occur using the latest release of Netscape Communicator 4.x" then we better
get right on adding it to about 90,000 of the 98,000 bugs in Bugzilla.

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I've always just assumed this was enhancements only - hardly 90000 bugs.
vrfy wontfix
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