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Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?"


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firefox15 --- fixed
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This would allow us to gather statistics on GC crashes more easily -- and even if stack walking fails.

(For bonus points, say whether it's a compartment / multi-compartment / global GC)
This is a little bit of a PITA, because only the JS engine knows if we're GCing, right? And the JS engine doesn't know how to talk to Breakpad directly. Do we have a callback that happens when we enter/leave GC where Gecko could add this annotation?
Yeah, xpconnect already knows when we're in a GC, and it can talk to breakpad.
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We can either dump it in the xpconnect callback ( or register a special callback ( to do so, which is conceptually a bit cleaner.
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This seems to do the job, at least on Linux.
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Remove the stray printf in CrashReporter::SetGarbageCollecting. I'm torn on whether we should be writing "IsGarbageCollecting=0" ever; perhaps it would be better to only write that field if we are garbage collecting?
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Just a note about this request:
This patch doesn't fix any bugs. It just adds data to crashreports that make it easier to see which crashes are GC-related. Given that incremental GC landed in FF16, it would be really useful to be able to compare crash rates between 15 and 16. That's why I'm requesting beta approval.

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Approving for branches so we're able to get better crash data.
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