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In AutoConfig module, there is no way to report an error or messege to the user


(Core :: Preferences: Backend, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: mitesh, Unassigned)



Since the libpref does not suppose to have the frontend code, there is no way to 
report an error or messege back to the user. There are few cases where I think 
is better to report an error/messege back to the user for example, If user 
deletes failover.jsc file and it is required to be present in the failover case. 
Currently, the browser simply exits without any messege. There are other few 
cases where it's required to convey some kind of messege back to the user.

One suggestion would be to have a different error code for different errors and 
exit the browser with these error codes or go back to the callee of the 
autoconfig module and based on the error codes, generate appropriate error 

Creating this bug to track the progress of this situation
QA Contact: sairuh → lrg
good idea to file this.

We should probably figure out what part of the common dialog code is available
to embedded apps, and use that... I'd kind of like to abstract some of that out
into a seperate module though.
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Target Milestone: --- → Future
Keywords: nsenterprise-
Blocks: 113387
mitesh is no longer with us. reassigning to default module owner. bug 113387
tracks the original list of mitesh bugs
Assignee: mitesh → bnesse
QA Contact: lrg → sairuh
Once we land bug 89137 we can add this support.

Actually, as I think about it, there might already be support for displaying an
error message in the patch for 89137...
Depends on: 89137
QA Contact: sairuh → lrg
Assignee: bnesse → nobody
QA Contact: lrg → preferences-backend
Autoconfig not only can use the displayError function, but it has full access to nsipromptservice.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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