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localize download page content with local community images


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Mozilla is currently actively promoting the Indonesian download page in Indonesia.

We would like to exchange the default download page background image with images of the Indonesian community. These images are cc-licensed for use by Mozilla.

default background image:

new background image with images of the Indonesian community:
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I should clarify that the website in question is this one:
Gen, do you have other images we could choose from? I'd like to have at least one tighter shot in there. Having 3 group shots doesn't provide the same emotional connection you get from seeing someone closer up.
(In reply to John Slater from comment #2)
> Gen, do you have other images we could choose from? 

John- we can use any photos from here:
Rhonda, could you help out with this early next week? The quick summary is that we need to update the photos on the page specifically for Indonesia to support an ad campaign running there.

You would need to browse through the image options in comment #3 and put together a new array of 3 that WebDev could implement. There are plenty of good choices, I think.

Let me know how your schedule looks.
Hey John--
Im free for most of next week so this should be fine. I can start on Monday.
Awesome, thanks. My main direction would be to find a nice "hero" shot of 1-2 people and then balance that out with other shots with larger groups. Sort of like what we do on

(And not essential, but bonus points if you can work in one with the papertoy mascot, like this
Hi- can we get an update on this request please? Our SEM campaign is in market right now and we'd love to see if a download page with Indonesian community images is stronger/better than the generic Mozilla download page.
Gen, thanks for the ping.

Rhonda, can you update? We should get this into webdev as soon as possible.
Hey John!
I can do this today, I got a bit derailed from the other priorities this week!
Attached image FF New page Indonesia (obsolete) —
Hey guys--
Here is a draft. Let me know what you think.
Love it! Gen, what do you think?

My only suggested change would be to remove the #FX4 on the flag in the top photo. If it's not too difficult to make this look good, let's just put the Firefox logo there instead.

I like it too but please give me a few hours to get feedback from the Indonesian team as well.
Gen, should we CC more people from the community? Currently, two members are CCed. It might speed up the feedback process. I expect replies from Indonesia to arrive 5–6 hours from now, because it’s past midnight here.
On general principle, I'm never opposed to getting community input, but I also don't think we need to achieve mass consensus here. 

The images look nice, and are certainly much more reflective of Indonesia than what we have now. Plus, they're already community sourced and I would like to avoid being slowed down by a mass discussion about which individual images are best.

Let's implement comment #10 (with my change from comment #11 first) as soon as possible, and then we can always update again later if we need to.
Hey guys-- I am out at lunch but will be back within the hour and get it right back to you :)
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Looks good to me, thanks. Rhonda, can you also post the PSD?

Mike A, what's the best way to get this implemented on the Indonesian site?
Assignee: nobody → malexis
Here is the link to the PSD file if you would rather work with that...

Craig, I believe this page is on bedrock and you should be able to update the hero image easily.

We also noticed that Tabzilla on this page is broken and instead of drop down, it links to the en-US homepage. Can you look into that? If Steven needs to fix, we can pass over to him.
Assignee: malexis → craigcook.bugz
Thanks everyone.

Is it too much to ask if we A/B test between Rhonda's and Yofie's versions? If one is measured as clearly more appealing than the other, then we should go with that one?
I chatted with Gen offline...we're ok to move forward with the image from comment #18. Craig, over to you.

(and thanks!)
Craig: sorry to pester you. Any idea of when we can expect this to be staged/live on the site?
We are using this page as part of a download campaign we are running through Google Ad Words and FB so we need to get this page live asap as part of the test. Thanks so much!
The /new page is still in PHP for non-en-US locales for now, but that will change soon as work progresses to localize Bedrock.

I've swapped the image in r106916 and r106917. We should be able to verify on dev later today (it seems to be down at the moment) and go to production on Tuesday.

As for Tabzilla, I believe that's intended because the Tabzilla content also isn't localized yet, but we're working on that as well. Non-en-US locales simply link to
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Whiteboard: r=106917,106916 b=trunk
Thanks Craig!
Hi Craig- I see the staged site in Comment 25 but I don't see the new images pushed to production.  Am I missing something?
(In reply to Gen Kanai [:gen] from comment #27)
> Hi Craig- I see the staged site in Comment 25 but I don't see the new images
> pushed to production.  Am I missing something?

Looks like this hasn't yet made it to production. Assigning over to Rik for push and it can go to prod after the Fx14 release tomorrow.
Assignee: craigcook.bugz → anthony
Great. Thanks. Please confirm when this will go live. We are spending money to drive downloads in Indonesia and are hoping this page will improve conversion.
Adding r107651 for a small win in image size (1%).

Pushed to stage with r107653 and to production with r107654.
Should be live in 15 minutes.
Great. Thanks.
verified fixed
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