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Create a more user friendly process for stopping spam on Want to help? form


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A CAPTCHA was put on the Get Involved page recently to stop people spamming the form.  Unfortunately the CAPTCHA is sometimes very difficult to read (see the attached screenshot of an unreadable CAPTCHA).  It would be great to have a more user friendly CAPTCHA or another spam blocking method to help increase completion rates of the form.
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I would like to implemente this: 
is a funny captcha :D
* implement.
I think, was made with django.
is show how to install captcha using python.
how to can i start? implement this new captcha
(In reply to Willy Aguirre from comment #4)
> how to can i start? implement this new captcha

You can take a look at the current code that's used for forms on Bedrock at

Feel free to make a patch to that and submit a pull request for review.

You can also talk through this with the other people working on on IRC in #www.

For help using IRC, see
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Adding Holly for her thoughts on a better experience here to allow potential contributors in while still stopping spam.
I tried to fill out the contribute form today to test a new add-ons auto-reply. I failed, because I couldn't get past the captcha. I couldn't read any of them, and tried at least 20 times before I gave up. I even tried the audio version, which sounded like someone speaking gibberish to me underwater.

We are probably losing many potential contributors because of this. Perhaps it would help to use something easier to read?
The captcha has been removed.
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