[meta] Make Emscripten-generated code as fast as possible




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7 years ago
This is a metabug for maximizing Emscripten performance. There are two dimensions: 

 - throughput: compile it to something that's as close as we can (staying safe) to what a C compiler would have done on the original code
 - startup: minimize startup latency, which includes both time before we run any code at all, and time until we're running smoothly (we can be compiling and running at the same time)


7 years ago
Blocks: gecko-games


7 years ago
Depends on: 757378
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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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Alon, Luke, given that we're moving to Asm.js for emscripten perf, do the bugs here actually still apply?
I don't think we are moving to asm.js whole hog. First, asm.js is a research project, and second, it will possibly never support all the compiled code we can generate (e.g., we have various JS tricks for things like longjmp, C++ exceptions, and it is not clear yet how asm would handle them). Also, optimizing for emscripten-type code will help other compilers that are not asm.

So I think the bugs here definitely do still apply. I would agree they are slightly less of a priority though.
It still makes sense to optimize the patterns in a general non-asm.js scenario.  That is, from a non-asm.js perspective, Emscripten mostly just generates a bunch of independently highly-optimizable patterns.
Whoa, Alon already beat me.
I would like to point out, re: comment 2, that we may eventually add support to asm.js for exception handling (that is, via a restricted patterned use of try/catch).
Fixed by asm.js, so not a games priority any more; JS guys should probably go through the dependent bugs and see if they're still relevant.
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