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Update css code to use primitives for transform functions


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The spec says we should use primitives, which allow things interpolating between the various scale* and translate* functions.

Dbaron, do you care if I land this with async css animations?
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Seems to pass animation mochitests and my local testing.  Running on tryserver now.
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Forgot to qref, so ignore the printfs
There should be a break after the translatez case in ToPrimitive
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This one should pass tests.
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Dbaron, do you mind if I fold this patch in with async animations?  It touches nsCSSValue.h so I have to rebuild half the tree whenever I push/pop it, which is every time I want to commit a new patch to my repo :(
Please don't.

If you want to avoid rebuilding when you push/pop patches, do the pushing/popping in one tree, pull from that one into another tree, and build there.
Or you could review this.  That would make my life a lot easier ;)
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>From: David Zbarsky <>
>try: -b do

In the future, please include commit messages in patches for review.

For this one, I'd suggest as a commit message (all on one line):

Interpolate between transform functions that share common primitives rather than forcing them to fall back to matrix decomposition.  (Bug 769193)  r=dbaron

Throughout the patch, the opening brace of a function, when not
inlined in the class definition, should be on its own line.

>+  void SetItem(size_t aIndex, nsCSSValue& aValue) {
>+    (*this)[aIndex] = aValue;
>+  }

This is unneeded.  You can use either operator[] (preferable if you
have an object or reference) or Item() (preferable if you have a pointer).

So you should change:
>+      arr->SetItem(1, aArray->Item(1));
+      arr->Item(1) = aArray->Item(1);
throughout the patch.

I think it would be substantially clearer to:
 * make AppendFunction use the old numbers, i.e., the ones you removed
   from nsStyleAnimation::AppendTransformFunction
 * call ToPrimitive(nsCSSKeyword) at the start of 
 * call AppendFunction on the *result* of that first ToPrimitive call
   when setting up the result array on the second line of ToPrimitive

Remove the printf from AddTransformTranslate.

You might also want to double-check with mattwoodrow that the only time we do transform-function-based checks for whether a transform is 3-D is in the parser (which this shouldn't go through again) and that any other checks for is-it-3D are based on the matrix.  You're depending on that.

r=dbaron with that
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