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OS Idle API active to brief idle to active notification bug fix


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Bug fix for case below:

When the user is active and then becomes idle, idle observers are notified. But if the user becomes active again before some or all idle observers are notified then active notifications need not be sent to those idle observers. 

Changeset uploaded to try at

Will request a review once the try results are correct.
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Clean green for the most part.
Oranges and purples were re-run and are now green.
Summary: WIP OS Idle API active to brief idle to active notification bug fix → OS Idle API active to brief idle to active notification bug fix
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WIP active to active bug fix. waiting for try results.

+nsGlobalWindow::NotifyIdleObserver(IdleObserverHolder* aIdleObserverHolder,
                                    bool aCallOnidle)
+  MOZ_ASSERT(aIdleObserverHolder);
+  aIdleObserverHolder->mPrevNotificationIdle = aCallOnidle ? true : false;

No need to check the boolean aCallOnidle here, just assign it directly.

- In nsGlobalWindow::HandleIdleObserverCallback():

+  IdleObserverHolder* idleObserver =
+    &(mIdleObservers.ElementAt(mIdleCallbackIndex));
+  NotifyIdleObserver(idleObserver, true);

Make idleObserver be a reference here and drop the extra parentheses. Pass the address of idleObserver to NotifyIdleObserver(). That way you don't take the address of a return value, which just looks a bit odd (it works, but using a reference here is IMO cleaner). Alternatively you could even make NotifyIdleObserver() take a reference instead of a pointer, assuming you always have an observer holder to pass in, which you must since you assert it's never null.

- In nsGlobalWindow::HandleIdleActiveEvent()

+    IdleObserverHolder* idleObserver = &(iter.GetNext());

Same deal, use a reference, pass the address of the reference below.

- In nsGlobalWindow::RegisterIdleObserver(nsI

+    IdleObserverHolder* idleObserver =
+      &(mIdleObservers.ElementAt(insertAtIndex));

Same here, Use a reference

- In nsGlobalWindow.h:

   IdleObserverHolder(const IdleObserverHolder& aOtherIdleObserver)
-    : mIdleObserver(aOtherIdleObserver.mIdleObserver), mTimeInS(aOtherIdleObserver.mTimeInS)
+    : mIdleObserver(aOtherIdleObserver.mIdleObserver), mTimeInS(aOtherIdleObserver.mTimeInS), 
+      mPrevNotificationIdle(aOtherIdleObserver.mPrevNotificationIdle)

Maybe rename "aOtherIdleObserver" here to simply "aOther" (fairly common practice in copy constructors)? Saves on typing, makes this easier to read...

r=jst with that!
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