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Should give a better error if failed to push a file with devicemanagerSUT


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Right now we return the following (not descriptive) error if we fail to push a file with devicemanagerSUT:

Push File Failed to Validate!

We actually do have the necessary information to give a descriptive error message when this fails (for instance, if the disk was full), so let's do that instead.
Attached patch Patch to improve error message (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here's a patch which implements the suggested behaviour (a try run has been queued to verify that it doesn't break anything). Now when you try to push on a device with a full sdcard, you get the following error:

error pushing file: Agent Error processing command 'push /mnt/sdcard/ 363'; err='Push failed!'

It would be even better if we modified the agent to give a more explicit error here, but this is a good start.

This patch also changes the way we handle commands. Commands now can optionally specify "data" attached to them, instead of (confusingly) treating data as a special case command. This was necessary to get the right behaviour, but seems more straightforward to me in general.
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Patch to improve error message

Review of attachment 640309 [details] [diff] [review]:

nice.  Took me 2 passes through this to figure out what was happening.
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This fixes a problem in the way we called sendCmds from shell(), but is otherwise the same as the previous patch.

Carrying over r+
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Try run looks good with updated patch:
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